What To Expect When You’re Expecting… To Get a Home Theater

What To Expect When You’re Expecting… To Get a Home Theater


Are you thinking of getting into, upgrading, retrofitting, or building from the ground up a new home theater system? There are so many different things to consider. Here are a few aspects of the whole process you should consider before you dive in headfirst and start drowning in too much information.

Custom Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive
There are some fantastic entertainment systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars being installed, but the vast majority, are not. You can get a personally designed system for much less, especially since high quality TV pricing has dropped so drastically. Whole-home audio is also far more affordable with new wireless technologies from companies like Sonos and HEOS.


The Boy Scouts are Right: Be Prepared
If you’re building, remodeling, or retrofitting, get an installer involved as early as possible, but  especially before the walls are covered over with sheetrock. When you meet with the installer, bring everything that could be pertinent; blueprints, electrical plans, and any relevant cabinetry schematics. It’s also a good idea to roughly know what you’d like the system to be capable of as well as your overall projected budget.

Know Your Limits
Caviar dreams on a canned tuna budget is something to overcome while planning your system. You need to have realistic expectations of the system you can afford for your budget. You also need to factor in additional costs; labor, cabling, mounts, and a control system to name a few. By communicating clearly to the installer what you want (audio in multiple rooms, awesome Wi-Fi network, surround sound with a 70-inch TV, projector & screen, etc.) along with your budget, they will be able to design the best system to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Keep an Open-Mind
Installers will likely offer some ideas you hadn’t considered. Usually because they’re aware of possibilities you don’t know about, mostly because they continually interact with people both designing and living with technology. Take that input as more than just another sales pitch. They are experts for a reason.

The Custom Installer
Primarily, a custom installer can deliver a well-designed, installed, and integrated system that is easy to use and enjoy. Gone are the barrage of remote controls strewn everywhere and the obnoxious nest of wiring, and you’ll never have to wonder if your system is set up correctly and/or operating like it should. Most importantly, should you run into any issues, you’ll have someone to reach out to for a quick fix or to help explain different aspects of your system to you.

For most people, watching movies, playing video games, or listening to music, is better in their own homes than in a public venue. Polls and studies indicate that most Americans prefer video entertainment in their homes because they can control the following factors:

Temperature, sound levels, lighting, and seating (there really are no bad seats in a home theater) are all important for one to be comfortable. You don’t have to worry about other people talking, stepping on your toes, spilling their popcorn as they step over you, kicking the back of your chair, or distracting you with their cellphone.

A home theater room allows the viewer to pick what to watch and when they want to watch it, including giving you the ability to pause content for bathroom breaks or rewind if you missed something. The amount of streaming services available means that viewers can select from a wide variety of content, including old & new movies, domestic & foreign flicks, TV shows, sporting events, documentaries, video games, and/or music.

The decor of a media room is what the homeowner makes it. Some rooms are designed like a grand theater or arcade, with fancy fixtures, comfy recliners, different gaming devices, and prime sound systems. Other rooms are simple and versatile, often serving as a social space in addition to an electronic mecca. What’s in a room wholly depends on individual taste and budget constraints. It is what you make it!

A media room allows the homeowner to choose who they wish to share a TV show, movie, or video game. Your friends and family can have a great experience

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