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Power up your game room in Bismarck, ND

Wow! So many questions, so many options! You've put in the long hours, hard days and now you'd like to unwind and spend some time with the family. But when you look around the house, all you see is a bunch of people spread all over the place, all in their iWorlds and showing no interest in getting together. Not like the Good Old Days when there were family board nights, now it's just family bored nights! So, whether you're looking to freshen up an existing floor plan, or trying to design a new home from scratch to be purpose-built, the only real question is are you looking to build your version of an "Adult Arcade" or more of a "Family Fun Zone"?

The Caves Custom Design Team can sit down with you and find out if you are looking for a more sophisticated entertainment area geared towards cards, billiards, and cigars or a rocking family-friendly area consisting of epic ping pong and Pac Man marathons.

There are almost as many options as there are questions when it comes to decking out your gaming oasis: Are you looking for upright or sit-down arcade machines? Will it be a pool table, a poker table, or a foosball table? Pinball machine or Shuffleboard? Air Hockey or Bubble Hockey? Naked dartboard or a sweet cabinet to highlight the dart area? Don't forget to keep space in mind for the ping pong table!!

The potential for either a home or office gaming area is almost as unlimited as the joy and relaxation they can bring. With industry-leading manufacturers like Brunswick, Presidential Billiards, Golden West, Stern, Custom Multi-cade, Valley-Dynamo, Shot, Viper, and Shelti at our fingertips, The Caves Custom Design Team can help you put together a well thought out space, making it "THE" room that everyone in the family looks forward to getting together in!

So whether you are a seasoned pool shark looking to have your table to hone your game on, or a pinball wizard in the making, give us a call or stop in today to get started on your custom game room!


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