When it comes to modern smart homes

One of the first things that come to mind is usually one of the simplest things in a house ...lighting

That is how the CAVES custom design team likes to keep all aspects of a smart home for you simple. The truth is, modern smart lighting is technically sophisticated behind the scenes and is capable of way more than brightening up a dark corner!

Modern smart-lighting control systems help usher in additional Safety and Convenience features for your family's benefit. In its' simplest form, it will take care of lighting and ceiling fans in a single room, and in its most complex configurations, it can take care of multiple locations inside and outside a home with the touch of a single button!

The CAVES custom design team can show you how smart lighting control systems can do something as basic and relaxed as firing up just a few lights to illuminate your morning coffee routine without waking up half the house. Also, how to turn up all the exterior house and driveway lights to help a loved one in for a "safe landing" during nasty weather.

Your smart-lighting system can even tie into your security system to provide an extra layer of warning and deterrent, making your home and its' occupants much less attractive potential targets. In the event of an emergency trigging like smoke or fire, they can even help light the way to safety.

Speaking of lighting the way, smart lighting controls are not limited to the inside of the house anymore! The CAVES custom design team can help you set up lighting for the yard, the pool, the patio, and driveway...all controlled and integrated with the interior lighting and customizable for automated times off/on and in endless configurations. Kids outside, people poolside, looking to avoid the mosquitos? In all situations, smart lighting can help!

So, whether you are looking to set the scene with family Disco Night or go slow and low on Date Night, call or stop into the showroom today and have one of CAVES custom designers get to work on your lighting system today!

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