Security Systems - Personal Safety, Protecting Property, Peace of Mind

Wired or Wireless. Monitored or stripped. When it comes to security systems, it may seem like a complicated "luxury" that you can do without, but the current State of the Art security systems from, IC Realtime, AND 2GIG are far more than glorified doorbells and noise makers!

When you stop in and work with the CAVES custom design team, our goal is to help mesh the sophisticated capabilities of the modern security systems with your personal or business needs. We understand that with the diverse potential for integration, the security systems might be utilized for anything from keeping tabs on "adventurous" teens to protecting products and payroll at a business location.

Do you travel for business, have a new growing family, own rental property, or have a retail business? The CAVES custom design team can work on putting together a system that has both on-site and remote access capabilities that can be fully integrated with smart-lighting and surveillance systems, so you are always only a finger swipe away from knowing what's going on, who's around and if assistance is needed or already on its way! Even better, with modern updates to wireless sensor technology, you are covered at the property and virtually by a remote call center with 4G LTE wireless backup...bad weather, power outages, or even truly bad actors can't take out your system anymore!

Give the CAVES custom design team a call, or better yet, stop by the showroom to check out all the equipment and interactive displays in person! We look forward to listening to your concerns and needs so we can design the custom system that gives you the peace of mind you're looking for.

CAVES, where we do look forward to helping you Live Life Better!

The Anatomy of a CAVES Smart Home

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