Security & Surveillance


Clients can get lost in the shuffle when it comes to Security System choices. The most popular format when it comes to Security Systems is to choose a Smart Home Security System. This system will allow you to expand the options needed to cover different areas of your home or needs like smart lighting control, motorized locks, thermostats etc. Smart Home Security Systems can be controlled from the convenience of your smart phone.

Our 2GIG Smart Home Security Systems are easy to use, large displays and are expandable when the budget allows.

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Our Smart Home Security Systems are powered by App

Smart Home Security Systems can monitor and notify you in these areas:

• Windows
• Doors
• Water Leak Detection
• Smoke Detection
• CO Detection
• Door Locks
• Temperature Sensors
• Life Safety Sensors
• Lights Switches and Outlets

All sensors are encrypted to enhance the security encryptions so that sensors cannot be tampered with.

Popular Add-On's are doorbell camera's which can be monitored through the app to get notifications and also allows you to 2-way talk to the person at the door.

Cameras can be installed to cover important areas of your home. These images or video can be stored in the cloud or locally stored onto a NVR to view at a later time

All Smart Home Security Systems are purchased and owned by the client. All service contracts are month to month since clients own the equipment.

Monthly Fees: Interactive Service - $29.99/Mo Interactive Service w/Doorbell Video - $34.99/Mo Interactive Service w/Doorbell/CamerasAnalytics - $44.99/Mo

Surveillance Systems

Peace of mind and the thought of feeling safe and secure doesn't come 2nd nature anymore. We live in a busy world and we cannot be around at all times. You may want to protect or monitor your property, see when the kids come home, monitor that lake cabin 2 hours away from your home. There are many reasons to purchase a surveillance system. A surveillance system allows you to customize your application. You may want a basic camera for the parking pad but maybe a PTZ camera for the boat dock, dome cameras for the driveway and maybe you need it to record for 2 weeks. This can all be done with a custom surveillance system from CAVES.

Many businesses do not operate without cameras. The thought of someone falling or getting hurt, terrifies a business owner. Maybe the employees wouldn't be as productive if there weren't any cameras around to monitor their performances.

In North Dakota, many farmers and ranchers rely on cameras to keep an eye on their cattle, horses and any other livestock. This is a major source of income and in the event of theft, weather or birthing issues, cameras can be the difference between making money or losing it.

There are many camera solutions out there to meet any price and quality range. Our cameras are backed by a 10-year warranty and have all the performance to back up any demanding needs.

All systems can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world. Our systems can be programmed to allow for trip zones, motion detection and facial recognition. We also have software that can search by color of shirts, color of vehicle, company logos etc. these systems are customizable to any demanding situation.

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