CAVES Welcomes Dynamic Duo Jason Bauman and Kevin Fleck to the Team!

CAVES Welcomes Dynamic Duo Jason Bauman and Kevin Fleck to the Team!

Welcome to the very first post on CAVES News, where we're all about BIG NEWS! 
Posts on this blog might be few and far between, but you can be sure we share only the best and most exciting updates about our store. 

This week, we're absolutely thrilled to introduce two remarkable gentlemen who recently joined the CAVES family – Jason Bauman and Kevin Fleck. This dynamic duo brings with them decades of industry experience, making them invaluable additions to our team.

A portrait of Jason Bauman

Jason Bauman, a jack of all trades in home theaters, audio/video systems, and home security, is a true maestro of multimedia experiences. His passion and expertise mean that whether you're looking to create the ultimate cinema experience at home or secure your property with cutting-edge technology, Jason has the skills to bring your vision to life.

A portrait of Kevin Fleck.

Kevin Fleck, on the other hand, is our Smart Home Automation wizard. He has a knack for making all your systems work in perfect harmony. From lighting to climate control, from security to entertainment, Kevin's expertise ensures your home automation is not just smart but also intuitively aligned with your lifestyle.

With Jason and Kevin on board, CAVES is set to reach new heights in providing custom audio, video, and home automation solutions. We're confident that with these extraordinary guys joining our team, even more extraordinary things are on the horizon.

Stay tuned for the incredible projects and innovations that Jason and Kevin will bring to life. Here’s to new beginnings and smart solutions at CAVES!

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