Unparalleled Surveillance Systems: Capture Clarity, Ensure Safety

Professionally designed and installed with recordings accessible from anywhere at any time

See beyond the obvious. From the quiet corners of your home to the expansive stretches of your farm, ensure nothing escapes your watchful eye.

At CAVES, we've risen to prominence in North Dakota's technological landscape, owing to our relentless pursuit of offering surveillance solutions that aren’t just about monitoring, but about offering peace of mind. Leveraging the advanced features of Alarm.com and ICRealtime, we provide an experience that transcends traditional surveillance. It’s not just what you see, but how you see it.

  • Full-Color Night Vision 4MP Cameras from ICRealtime

    Day or night, capture the world in its authentic colors. Experience full-color night vision, ensuring no detail is missed, regardless of the lighting.

  • 4MP Cameras from ICRealtime with Standard Night Vision

    Experience crisp, clear, and concise monitoring. With superior night vision, stay vigilant even in the dark.

  • 1080p Bullet Cameras from Alarm.com

    Compact yet powerful. These cameras, designed for precision, capture every movement, ensuring your spaces are always under a watchful gaze.

  • Smarter Video Alerts

    Day or night, capture the world in its authentic colors. Experience full-color night vision, ensuring no detail is missed, regardless of the lighting.

  • Deterrence with Perimeter Guard™

    Let potential intruders know they're being watched. The combination of loud whistles or beeps, along with a flashing red LED, is bound to deter any unwanted activity.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Visibility

    Keep tabs on indoor mischief-makers or track vehicles and unexpected visitors outdoors. Alarm.com ensures you can oversee your entire property, even when you're miles away.

  • Stay Always Aware

    Alarm.com’s ecosystem ensures you’re always connected. Whether you're relaxing at home or vacationing across the country, the Alarm.com app keeps you updated round the clock.

See Smart Cameras in Action

  • At Home

    Surveillance in homes is about more than just security; it's about peace of mind.

    Safety First: From spotting a potential intruder to tracking a delivery, ensure your loved ones and possessions are safe.

    Child & Elderly Monitoring: Keep a gentle watch over children playing in the yard or elderly family members moving about the home. Our high-resolution cameras ensure you don't miss a detail.

    Pet Watch: Ever wondered what your pets are up to when you're not around? Monitor their activities and ensure they are safe, especially when they're playing outdoors.

    Visitor Verification: Before answering the door, know who’s there. With integrated video doorbells, get a preview of visitors or service personnel.

  • On the Farm

    Expansive open areas like farms come with their own set of challenges. Here’s how surveillance becomes indispensable:

    Livestock Monitoring: Keeping an eye on your livestock is vital. Be it to ensure their health, monitor their activities, or protect them from potential threats like wild animals or livestock thieves.

    Equipment Security: Farms often house expensive machinery. Ensure these assets are not tampered with or stolen by keeping a 24/7 watch.

    Boundary Security: With acres to look after, farms can be hard to secure. Surveillance can deter trespassers or help in taking timely action if someone breaches your perimeter.

    Weather and Environmental Monitoring: With the integration of Alarm.com's analytics, get a real-time view of changing weather conditions, especially crucial if your farm is susceptible to certain weather changes.

  • With your Property

    Empty properties can often be targets. Here’s how our systems offer protection:

    Deterrence: The mere presence of a surveillance system acts as a deterrent to potential trespassers or vandals.

    Activity Logging: Any movement or activity gets logged and you receive real-time alerts, ensuring prompt action.

    Evidence Collection: Should there be any incident, high-quality footage can be pivotal as evidence.

    Maintenance Check: For properties under construction or undergoing renovations, keep an eye on progress and ensure that the work is up to standards.

Our Surveillance Packages

At CAVES, we believe that each individual's surveillance needs are unique.

In recognizing this, we’ve curated a range of surveillance packages tailored to meet diverse requirements.
From the advanced capabilities of our Gold Package, offering Starlight technology for full-color nighttime visuals, to the straightforward efficiency of our Orange Package equipped with analytics for smart monitoring, we ensure each package offers the CAVES assurance of quality and performance. All packages come with the convenience of remote viewing, ensuring you're always connected to what matters most. Step into the future of surveillance, and discover which of our packages aligns with your vision of security.

Each package can be altered to be the perfect fit for your needs. We're also happy to create a completely unique solution that works for you.

Surveillance System FAQs

What is the difference between surveillance systems and security systems?

Surveillance systems are standalone video systems that record onto a Network Video Recorder (NVR), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or a Server managed by a third-party company. While a security system may include some types of video cameras or video doorbells, dedicated surveillance systems offer more camera options and recording devices. Additionally, most dedicated surveillance systems do not require a monthly fee or third party to access and manage recordings.

Can I access my surveillance feed remotely?

Yes. CAVES offers surveillance systems that can be accessed remotely through a smartphone. You can control your cameras, get activity notifications, and download recordings.

Do your surveillance systems include night vision?

Yes, CAVES offers surveillance systems that include standard night vision capabilities, as well as the option for full-color night vision which allows for even better night time/low-light monitoring.

Can a new surveillance system be integrated with existing security systems?

Yes - there are specific cameras designed to work with smart home security systems. You can also choose to add a stand-alone surveillance system that works alongside your existing security system.

How much video storage do surveillance systems have?

The amount of storage offered by CAVES surveillance systems varies depending on the specific system you choose. We offer a variety of storage sizes and methods to suit your needs.

Understanding Security Camera Range

How far can a security camera actually see? It's not just about technology, but also its setup. Factors like focal length, resolution, and lighting play pivotal roles in determining a camera's viewing range. We cover it all in this article.

Zoom in on the Facts

Security System Integration

Integrating a security system with a surveillance system can provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind. By combining these two systems, you can monitor and secure your property more effectively, no matter where you are.

With the ability to access your security and surveillance systems remotely, you'll be able to check on your property at any time, from anywhere. In the event of a security breach, you'll have recorded footage that can be used to identify and prosecute perpetrators.

At CAVES, we understand the importance of comprehensive security solutions. That's why we offer customizable solutions and specialize in holistic technology integration. Contact us today to learn more about how our systems can enhance the security of your property.