In-Home Prewire Packages

Prewiring is Essential for Building a Future-Ready Home

Building a new home is an exciting process, but it's important to consider your home's technology needs from the very beginning. Prewiring is an essential step in building a home that's equipped with the latest technology. By installing the necessary cables and wires during the construction phase, homeowners and contractors can avoid costly and disruptive retrofitting down the line.

At CAVES, we offer in-home prewire packages that provide a solid foundation for your home's technology needs. We offer three packages to fit different home sizes and technology needs. Our Bronze package is perfect for smaller homes, while our Silver package is ideal for moderate-sized homes with average technology needs. For larger homes with more extensive technology requirements, our Gold package provides the most comprehensive prewiring solution.

Choosing the right package for your new home is important, as it will ensure that your home is ready for the technology you want to install. Our prewire packages support home security systems, whole-house audio, home theater or surround sound systems, and in-home Wi-Fi networks. This means you'll have the ability to easily install and operate the technology you want, without worrying about how to retrofit your home for the necessary wiring.

By choosing one of our in-home prewire packages, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with a properly prewired home. Our packages provide a solid foundation for your home's technology needs, making it easier to install and operate the systems you want. So whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, choose the prewire package that's right for you and enjoy a home that's ready for the future of technology.

Home Prewire FAQs

Why should I consider prewiring my home?

Prewiring your home allows you to install wiring for various systems, such as audio, video, and security, before the walls are finished. This can make it easier and less expensive to install these systems later on. Having the proper wiring in place allows you to have the flexibility too add any product or system, as opposed to being limited to wireless systems which are suboptimal in many applications.

At what stage of construction should prewiring be done?

Prewiring should be done during the construction phase, before the walls are finished. This allows for easy installation of wiring without having to cut into walls or ceilings.

Can you prewire an existing home?

Yes, it is possible to prewire an existing home, but it can be more challenging and more expensive than prewiring a home during the construction phase.

What types of systems can be included in prewiring?

Prewiring can include wiring for audio, video, home theater, security, networking, and other systems that require wiring to be installed into the walls.

Is prewiring worth the cost?

Prewiring can be a worthwhile investment if you plan on installing audio, video, or security systems in the future. It can save you time and money on installation costs and make it easier to upgrade your home's systems.

  • Home Size

    The size of your home is a key factor to consider when choosing a prewire package. If you have a larger home, you'll likely benefit from the comprehensive pre-wiring system included in the CAVES Gold package. This package is designed to support a variety of technology needs, including whole-house audio, home theaters or surround sound systems, and WiFi-inclusive home networks. If you have a moderate-sized home, the CAVES Silver package is a great option, as it provides all the essential features at a lower price point. For smaller homes, the CAVES Bronze package is a perfect fit.

  • Technology Needs

    Your technology needs are another important factor to consider when choosing a package. For example, if you want to enjoy high-quality audio entertainment in your living space, both the CAVES Gold and Silver packages include multiple audio zones pre-wired for speakers. The CAVES Gold package also includes a surround sound prewire in both the Great Room and Family/Theater Room. If you're prioritizing home security, all three packages include security panel prewiring and camera locations prewiring. The CAVES Gold package also includes additional features such as WiFi-inclusive home networks, making it the best choice for homeowners who prioritize smart home technology.

  • Budget

    Budget is always an important factor to consider when choosing a prewire package. If you're on a tight budget, the CAVES Bronze package is the most budget-friendly option. It includes essential prewiring for security systems, cameras, in-home WiFi, and one surround sound system in a location of your choice. The CAVES Silver package is a bit more comprehensive, providing prewiring for 4 audio zones, 2 WiFi access points, and additional surround sound systems. The CAVES Gold package is our most comprehensive, and therefore most expensive option, but includes all the features of the Bronze and Silver packages plus prewiring for additional surround sound systems and WiFi-inclusive home networks.

CAVES Prewire Packages