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CAVES is a top choice for security systems, based in Bismarck, North Dakota.

We understand the vital role security plays in both homes and businesses. Security isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. That's why we offer cutting-edge security systems from trusted brands like Alarm.com, IC Realtime, and 2GIG, going beyond basic security.

Our aim is to provide a security system tailored to your needs. We can design a system with on-site and remote access, fully integrated with smart lighting and surveillance systems, giving you complete control over your property's security.

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Security System Packages Installed in North Dakota

We offer three security system packages, each with different capabilities and capacities. While each package is ready to use upon installation, we understand that security needs can vary. That's why we offer the flexibility to expand or customize any package to fit your exact requirements. We're also ready to collaborate with you to create a completely personalized security system solution.

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  • Door Sensors & Garage Door Tilt Sensors

    Door Sensors: These devices act as the first line of defense, ensuring you're immediately aware of any intrusion attempts. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the sensors can detect any unauthorized opening of your doors and relay this information to you in real time.

    This allows you to promptly respond to any potential security breaches. They serve not only as a deterrent but also provide valuable time to alert local authorities if needed.

    Tilt Sensors:
    Also known as inclinometers, these are specifically engineered for garage doors. They alert you as soon as your garage door is opened or in any way compromised, offering enhanced protection against potential intruders.

    Any alteration in this angle triggers a notification, alerting you of any potential issues. This means even if an intruder tries to enter through your garage, you're immediately notified, enabling quick action.

    Tilt sensors monitor even slight changes in the angle of your garage door, which could indicate mechanical problems or need for maintenance.

  • Window Sensors & Glass Break Sensors

    Window Sensors: Enhance your home or office security with our specialized window sensors. These devices share the same highly efficient componentry as our door sensors, ensuring a unified and seamless performance across your security system. The window sensors are meticulously engineered to detect any unauthorized opening of your windows, triggering an instant notification to alert you of a potential intrusion.

    Glass Break Sensors: Our Encrypted Glass Break Detector represents a breakthrough in property protection.

    This fully-supervised and tamper-protected device can be conveniently mounted on ceilings or walls. It effectively detects the unique sound frequencies associated with glass breaking. You can monitor multiple windows at once, providing comprehensive protection against potential intruders.

  • Motion Sensors

    Motion Sensors: This wall-mounted device provides broad coverage with wide-angle motion detection, ensuring comprehensive security within your premises. Utilizing a 345 MHz frequency for communication with the control panel, it ensures reliable and continuous surveillance.

    One of the standout features of our PIR Motion Detector is its High (HI) Sensitivity Mode. When activated, this mode allows the sensor to monitor an impressive range of up to 30 ft deep x 50 ft wide (9.1 m x 15.2 m), providing an extended area of protection that's ideal for larger properties.

    Furthermore, our motion detector is designed with pet owners in mind. Its innovative pet-immune feature can be adjusted to accommodate pets up to 55 lbs, ensuring that your furry friends don't trigger false alarms. This thoughtful feature allows you to enjoy a high level of security without compromising on your pets' freedom of movement.

  • Water Sensors

    Our advanced water sensors protect your property from potential water damage. Using cutting-edge technology, they quickly detect water presence and send instant alerts when moisture levels become too high.

    Perfect for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, or any water-prone area, our sleek and unobtrusive sensors provide reliable protection without affecting your property's aesthetics.

  • Advanced Smoke Detection

    Synthetic materials burn faster and significantly reduce the window for safe escape from an average of 17 minutes to just 3-4 minutes.

    Our smoke detector employs sophisticated technology to distinguish between synthetic smoke and cooking-related smoke, ensuring a prompt alarm only for genuine threats. This strategic design enhances safety and peace of mind, offering a cutting-edge fire detection system for your home.

  • Fire Listening Sensors

    FireFighter's innovative technology effortlessly enhances your security by monitoring your existing UL smoke detectors.

    When an alarm is detected, FireFighter instantly sends a wireless signal to your control panel, which then communicates with the central monitoring station. This smart solution optimizes your current smoke detectors, creating a comprehensive, interconnected system. With just one FireFighter unit, you can monitor all the smoke detectors in your property.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that is impossible to detect without the right equipment. Symptoms of exposure can mimic the flu, meaning a leak can go undetected until it's too late.

    Our carbon monoxide sensors provide the solution, offering real-time monitoring and alerts. Using cutting-edge technology, these devices detect the presence of this dangerous gas at dangerously high levels, well before it poses a threat to you or your family's health.

Troubleshooting False Alarms

Explore the impact of false alarms and valuable prevention strategies to enhance the reliability of your security system. At CAVES, we prioritize your safety and offer insights to help you make the most of your home security.

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  • Video Doorbell

    Enhance your security system with a Video Analytics Doorbell and have real-time front door surveillance, no matter where you are.

    Key Features:

    • Extended vertical view for doorstep deliveries
    • High-definition camera and enhanced two-way audio for clear visuals and crisp sound
    • Advanced video analytics to detect human presence and reduce false alerts

      Real-Time Interaction:
      Improved audio, high-definition resolution, HDR, and night vision for clear conversations, day or night.

      Instant Access:
      View live video or record clips when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected, enhancing security and peace of mind.
  • 1080p Surveillance Cameras

    Adding 1080p surveillance cameras to your existing system significantly improves its effectiveness.

    These cameras provide high-definition video quality, delivering clearer and more detailed images. The improved resolution helps identify finer details, like facial features and license plate numbers.

    These cameras offer real-time monitoring and motion detection alerts, making your system more dynamic and responsive.

    With Alarm.com, you can receive alerts on your smartphone, view live footage, and review recorded videos from anywhere, adding convenience and peace of mind.

  • Garage Door Openers

    Smart garage door openers allow the ability to open or close the door from anywhere with remote access via your smartphone, plus real-time status updates. Their compact and versatile design seamlessly integrates with your garage's aesthetic, improving overall security, accessibility, and daily convenience.

    By incorporating a smart garage door opener into your home, you enhance the overall security, increase accessibility, and add a layer of convenience to your daily routine.

  • Deadbolt Locks

    Smart locks enhance home security by combining advanced technology with traditional lock mechanisms.

    They offer superior security as they are difficult to pick or break into, often featuring built-in alarm systems.

    These locks allow remote control and monitoring of access, a feature traditional locks can't match. You can lock or unlock doors from your smartphone, which is especially useful for granting temporary access. No need for physical keys that can be lost or copied, providing both security and convenience.

  • Smart Thermostats

    Smart thermostats offer enhanced home security, energy efficiency, and comfort.

    They provide advanced control over your home environment and can integrate with other security and automation components. These devices can detect temperature changes that may indicate fire or HVAC issues, sending alerts for quick action.

    They also work seamlessly with other smart devices and security systems, allowing you to do things like adjusting lights based on your thermostat's schedule or setting the temperature when you unlock your door.

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Security System FAQs

What types of security systems do you offer?

CAVES offers a variety of security systems that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Features include:

Motion detectors

Door and window sensors

Water leak sensors

Glass break sensors

Panic buttons

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Video doorbells

Video analytic cameras

Facial recognition panels

Smart locks

How does a security system protect my home?

A security system helps protect your home by detecting and alerting you to potential threats. When a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel, which then alerts you via a loud siren and/or a notification on your smartphone or tablet. This can help deter intruders and give you time to take action, such as calling the police or checking on your home remotely. You can also opt for 24/7 monitoring services that will alert your local authorities on your behalf.

Can I control the security system through my smartphone?

Yes, CAVES offers smart home technology that allows you to control your security system through your smartphone or tablet. With the touch of a button, you can arm or disarm your system, view live video feeds from your cameras, and receive alerts in the event of suspicious activity.

What happens when an alarm is triggered?

When an alarm is triggered, the security system will sound a loud siren to alert anyone in the vicinity. At the same time, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to take action quickly. Depending on your preferences, the system can also be set up to automatically contact the police or a professional monitoring service.

What is the cost of installing a security system?

The cost of installing a security system can vary depending on the size of your home and the specific features you choose. CAVES offers pre-built packages that are ready to install on their own or serve as starting points to a customized solution tailored to fit your needs and budget. Browse our packages above, or contact us to get started on a custom system.

Does a security system lower home insurance costs?

Typically yes. Installing a security system that covers burglary, water, and fire tends to have the best impact on deductions. We always recommend contacting your Insurance Agent to see what your insurance company offers.

Security Systems Made Simple

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Surveillance System Integration

At CAVES, we also specialize in the integration of surveillance systems with your existing security setup. By combining these two powerful systems, you can significantly enhance the overall security of your property. Our expert team will seamlessly integrate surveillance cameras into your security system, resulting in a comprehensive solution that provides unparalleled monitoring and protection.

With the ability to access your surveillance system remotely, you can conveniently check on your property at any time and from anywhere. In the unfortunate event of a security breach, the recorded footage from your integrated cameras can be crucial in identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators.

If you're seeking the best indoor and outdoor security cameras, look no further. Our professionally installed surveillance systems are top-of-the-line and designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you need residential surveillance cameras or business security cameras, we have you covered.

Surveillance Packages